Make your project your dojo

Need your project delivered yesterday?

A coach works directly with your teams to get results — fast. Why work on a simulated project in a classroom setting when you can get real work done on your highest priority project? On-site coaching and mentoring is the quickest way to faster, sustainable delivery.   

Rapid Learning

The best learning environment for your team is their project. Real project work promotes motivated and focused learning. On-site coaching rapidly develops your teams’ practical knowledge and capability by focusing on your project’s immediate needs and delivering just-enough and just-in-time training and coaching.

Hyperproductive, not just Hype

Scrum was designed to enable teams to achieve a hyperproductive state (5-10 times normal performance). Few Scrum teams achieve this level. Those that do integrate Scrum with Agile engineering practices and Lean thinking.

Why FoxHedge?

Clients engage FoxHedge to coach and train their leaders to build effective teams and products through increased proficiency in Lean and Agile principles and practices.  Your goals drive our consultative and adaptive delivery process to optimize results.  Once you have engaged FoxHedge, our coach and trainer, Jim York, works personally with your leadership to ensure a shared understanding of engagement goals and desired outcomes.  Delivery of coaching and training are customized to meet your specific needs.  We work with you to monitor progress towards goals.  

Accelerate Lean and Agile Proficiency through Coaching

Coaching Services


A 2-3 day assessment identifies the gaps between your desired and current states and includes findings and recommendations for action.  More detailed assessments are also available.


On-site workshops and customized training focus on topics most important to your organization. Click here to see a list of sample on-site workshops.


Whether you are starting or just looking for a tune-up, on-site coaching can help you achieve your goals. We have also found that supplementing training with 3 sprints of coaching significantly improves retention and accelerates goal attainment.


About the Coach

Jim York.jpg

Jim York has helped companies large and small successfully introduce Lean and Agile methodologies and practices in a variety of industries including financial services, government/defense, telecommunications, energy, and media. He has 28 years experience practicing Lean and Agile as a team member, Product Owner, ScrumMaster, and Coach. Jim’s coaching draws on broad and deep experience in Lean and Agile to help you make the leap to hyperproductivity.

Jim is a Certified Enterprise Coach℠, Certified Scrum Trainer®, and member of the Scrum Alliance and Agile Alliance.